Sam Son Beach
Sam Son Beach is located in Quang Son commune, Quang Xuong district, 16 kilometers east of Thanh Hoa city. Sam Son beach is located on the shore of Bac Bo Gulf. Nature endows Sam Son with a fanciful beach with romantic landscape and historical relics.
Sam Son has a relatively flat terrain. The climate is mild and the air is fresh. The yellow sand covers the gentle coastline. The blue water reflects Truong Le Mountain. Cultural relics of the state level, such as the Doc Cuoc Temple (One-legged God Temple), Co Tien Temple (Fairy Temple) and Trong Mai Rock (Cock and Hen Rock) are located on the mountain.
The beach is quite wide, smooth and flat. The French operated it from 1906. The Emperor Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen dynasty, built private villas in Sam Son. Besides beaches, nature also endows Sam Son with other famous scenic spots associated with legends.
Stone blocks of Truong Le Mountain south of Sam Son resemble large towers stretching out from the mainland. There are also sediment rocks jutting up from the sea.
Trong Mai Rocks (Rooster and Hen Rocks) are really composed of three huge stone blocks. They were formed many centuries ago. The largest rock is flat and looks like a great pedestal on which are resting two other rocks in the shapes of a cock and a hen. They face each other. All three rock blocks are beautiful. They are associated with a legend of a faithful love.
Nghi Son Beach
Nghi Son Beach is located in Hai Thuong commune, Nghi Son Island commune, Tinh Gia district, southeast of Thanh Hoa city. The island is like a giant arm stretching out to the sea holding in its palm a small harbor. The depth of this harbor is suitable for boats to escape from storms. Nghi Son is 40 kilometers from Sam Son. Nghi Son and Sam Son are at the same latitude but summers on Nghi Son are much cooler and fresher.
Between Nghi Son and Hai Thuong are smooth sand beaches like a strip of silk. These beaches are as fine as those in Do Son, Sam Son and Bai Chay.
Cua Lo Beach
The famous long and wide Cua Lo Beach of Cua Lo town, Nghe An province is located eight kilometers from Vinh. It is entirely located between the Cua Lo estuary in the north and the Cua Hoi estuary in the south. Cua Lo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Viet Nam. It is also one of the cultural and tourist sites of Nghe An province.
The beach is over ten kilometers in length and is gently sloping. Sand is fine and not mixed with mud like in some other beaches. Water is clean and has a high salinity. The beach’s upper part is surrounded by vast casuarina forests protecting the beach from hovering sand. These forests are also a place for walking. The water in the sea at Cua Lo is green all year long and is so clean that the sand on the seabed may be seen. In particular, the sea here is rich in sources of seafood, especially squid.
Thach Hai Beach
Thach Hai Beach is in Thach Ha district, Ha Tinh province. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of this province and of Central Viet Nam. Thach Hai Beach is smooth and flat. The water is very clean and the white sand is pristine. Thach Hai Beach has a wild, seductive beauty. Visitors may discover new things every time they come here.
From the beach visitors may stroll along the coastline or walk in the casuarina forest. They may also come to such heritages as Nam Gioi Mountain, nine kilometers in length and 370 meters in height. This mountain is part of the Quynh Vien Vestige Complex associated with the legend about the Chu Dong Tu Temple. There are other relics such as the stone stele with an inscribed poem by King Le Thanh Tong (15th century), the Ao Tam Slot, the Mua Giong Slot and the Hieu Hieu Stream, which is located near the sea but the water is always cool and fresh.
Thien Cam Beach
Thien Cam (or Cua Nhuong) Beach is about 20 kilometers to the southeast of Ha Tinh town. It is known and praised for pristine beauty, clean environment and quiet sand slopes. There are three beaches here. The main beach is three kilometers in length. One other beach is about ten kilometers in length. Beaches are flat, gently sloping and a little rough. The seawater is clear and blue. The seabed is visible. Thien Cam Beach is sloping so people can bathe for more than 100 meters offshore. The seawater has very high salinity. Waves here are not so big as in Sam Son but are strong enough to make melodious, heavenly music, which is a specific feature of the tourist area of Thien Cam.

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