Nhat Le Beach
Nhat Le Beach is located right near the estuary of the Nhat Le River, two kilometers north of Dong Hdi (Quang Binh province). This beach is endowed with a flat, long ground of white sand. The seawater is clean, blue and rather mild.
Lang Co Beach
Lang Co locality is the terminal land in the southwest of Thua Thien-Hue province. Lang Co Beach is near National Highway 1A, in the northern foothills of Hai Van Pass, about 24 kilometers from the Bach Ma zone.
Lang Co Beach includes a sand strip of ten kilometers in length and a peninsula. This peninsula emerges between the Lap An Lagoon and the picturesque Rang Cua mountain range located right on the coast. The sea, the lagoon and mountain range together create a rich ecosystem. Tourists can dive under clean blue water, or can enjoy fresh air and make interesting sightseeing excursions on mountains and in forests. They could rest on fishing boats floating on calm water. In Lang Co there are lots of delicious sea products that are rare elsewhere.
My Khe Beach
My Khe Beach is located in Co Luy village, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province. It is located on National Highway 24 B, about 12 kilometers east of Quang Ngai city, 16 kilometers from Dung Quat port, three kilometers from the Son My vestige and near the Sa Huynh port.
The vast and spacious My Khe Beach is an ideal beach of Quang Ngai province. This beach is in a crescent shape with fine golden sand and gentle slopes running about seven kilometers long. The beach is safe; the water is clean and blue all year long. Beside the beach is the poetic and quiet King River. Water products here are abundant.
Sa Huynh Beach
Sa Huynh Beach (also known as Sa Hoang Beach) is in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province. The words Sa Huynh mean “golden sand”. It is located along Highway 1A. It has been known as an attractive tourist destination.
The charm of Sa Huynh Beach is created by a smooth ground of golden sand stretching for one kilometer. The beach is in a sickle shape. Looked at from a far distance, it is similar to the loose hair of a young girl. A special feature is that the color of the sand here is not white as in many other places but is shiny yellow.
The seawater is clean and blue. There are many shrimps, fish and beautiful coral reefs. Various small islands form the landscape. The islands are named based on their shapes, for example Hon Bep (Crushed Island), Hon Du (Parachute Island), Hon Khu Ong (Old Man Island) Hon Son (Red Gravel Island), and so forth.
The natural beauty of the sea and sky at Sa Huynh could only be fully perceived while traveling on boat along the Cam Mountain. Coral reefs are located over one mile from the shore. This is the realm of multi-colored seaweed and fish. The life of the ocean is revealed like a fantastic world.
Binh Tien Beach
Binh Tien Beach (abbreviated as Tien Beach) is about ten kilometers from the center of Cam Ranh town. If you go in the direction towards Ho Chi Minh City from Cam Ranh to My Thanh Bridge and turn left, you will enter a quite nice road. This road runs along Chua Mountain of Ninh Thuan province. And if you are traveling in the ripening rice season, you may well see the landscape of a golden rice field lying right at the foot of a mountain. On one side are mountains, on the other side are fields: and this circumstance will make you choose between a “mountain” tourist tour and a “plain” tourist tour.
Binh Tien Beach is not a widely known tourist destination. It is located on the border of Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces. As of now tourist managers have not yet organized tours to Binh Tien Beach. But in a few recent years some “dust tourists” have traveled here from Ho Chi Minh City. There are several thatched restaurants selling seafood at very cheap prices. From Binh Tien Beach people can see the far- off Binh Hung Island. Tourists can rent a boat for visiting the island if they wish to explore the life of its residents and buy fresh seafood.

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